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Minet Nursery and Infant School home page Minet Nursery and Infant School home page

Raising Aspirations

  • Harmony, Trust and Peace

  • Caring, Charity and Love

  • Appreciation, Freedom and Honesty

  • Thoughtfulness and Forgiveness

  • Co-operation and Responsibility

  • Positivity, Humour and Friendship

  • Patience, Respect and Tolerance

  • Courage, Resilience and Determination

Welcome to our new school website!

Hello everyone and welcome to our new school website for Minet Infant and Nursery School. 


There will be lots of useful information on the website ranging from what children are learning in class to safeguarding. There are 'Year Group Pages' so you can find out what has been happening in classes each week. The Year Group Pages can be found under the 'Parents and Carers' tab on the front page of the website. There is also information about our curriculum and what children are learning in each subject under the 'Curriculum' tab which can also be found on the front page. And there's lots more... so please do explore the new website! There will be lots more to come as well so please keep checking our website for regular updates!


Also at the top of the front page is a 'Translate' function which will translate the website into different languages including Bengali, Urdu and many more!


If you have any queries, you can now contact us via the website by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab on the front page and by completing the 'Contact Us' form. Please feel free to continue contacting the school via email and telephone as well.


We hope you like the new website and find it useful.