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Minet Nursery and Infant School home page Minet Nursery and Infant School home page

Raising Aspirations

  • Harmony, Trust and Peace

  • Caring, Charity and Love

  • Appreciation, Freedom and Honesty

  • Thoughtfulness and Forgiveness

  • Co-operation and Responsibility

  • Positivity, Humour and Friendship

  • Patience, Respect and Tolerance

  • Courage, Resilience and Determination


Welcome to the Minet Infant and Nursery School’s website. I hope our website provides you with all information you need about our school and you get a feeling of how wonderful our school is!  


We are a four-form nursery and infant school situated in the Hayes area of Hillingdon. We have over 400 children from many different backgrounds. The children are well behaved and love to learn! They work very hard to achieve their potential and to be successful with their learning as they are inquisitive, resilient and enthusiastic learners. We are very proud of every single one of them! 


At Minet, we work hard to provide children with the best start to their education. The school has an incredibly talented and dedicated group of staff who endeavour to provide all children with a safe and inclusive learning environment where they learn, develop and thrive resulting in them becoming happy, confident and life-long learners. Our staff also work hard to meet the individual needs of each child ensuring they experience success and reach their full potential. We not only value academic success but also place a strong emphasis on the social and personal development of each child so that they grow into conscientious and well-rounded individuals.  


We have an engaging and exciting curriculum which is carefully designed so children acquire a range of skills and knowledge. Enrichment is at the heart of our curriculum as we believe children learn best when they are provided with practical, hands-on, real-life learning experiences. Children are also provided with a range of high quality extra-curricular activities.  


We are proud of the community we serve and we work hard forging close links including with parent and carers. We appreciate the significant impact parents and carers have on their child’s learning and importance of establishing strong partnerships. As a result, we provide parents and carers with many opportunities to get involved in school life so they can play active role in their child’s education. 


The school is entering an exciting new chapter as well with the school soon undergoing a large refurbishment and building project. Once complete the school will be housed in a much larger and more modern building which will have excellent facilities. Keep an eye on the school website for news on developments! 


We would love you to come and visit! Please do not hesitate to contact the school office to arrange a visit at a convenient time. Come and see for yourself what Minet is all about and experience the magic of Minet! 


Thank you for visiting our website. 


Wayne Wathen-Howell