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Raising Aspirations

  • Harmony, Trust and Peace

  • Caring, Charity and Love

  • Appreciation, Freedom and Honesty

  • Thoughtfulness and Forgiveness

  • Co-operation and Responsibility

  • Positivity, Humour and Friendship

  • Patience, Respect and Tolerance

  • Courage, Resilience and Determination




What Jigsaw says: What is Jigsaw?

"Jigsaw is a unique, spiral, progressive and effective scheme of work, aiming to prepare children/young people for life, helping them really know and value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world."

What some children at Minet say: What has Jigsaw helped you to learn?  

"If you don't know your feelings, you won't know what to do" - EYFS Child

"When I grow up I'll know hot to be healthy and kind" - Year 1 Child

"I have learnt what makes me special" - Year 2 Child


With emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health, Jigsaw has two main aims for all children: 

1) to build their capacity for learning

2) to equip them with important life skills 

How is Jigsaw taught at Minet? 

Jigsaw lessons are taught during timetabled PSHE lessons that occur once a week in all year groups. 

The lessons are pre - planned, progressive and follow the Jigsaw scheme. The scheme includes 6 topics that are taught over the year, these change on a termly basis and are consistent across all year groups. 

What does Jigsaw teach our children? 

(An overview of the 6 units of work)

Being Me in My World

Children begin to understand how to create a sense of belonging, welcoming others and being part of our school community, as well as, the wider and global community, and a global community. Minet being a Rights Respecting School, this unit of work fits into our school curriculum very well as it also looks at developing children’s understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

Celebrating Differences 

Teaches children about diversity, by focusing on our similarities and differences. Anti-bullying, including cyber and homophobic bullying, is an important aspect of this Puzzle.

Dreams and Goals 

Aims to help children think about and share their hopes and dreams, their goals for success, what their personal strengths are, and how to overcome challenges, using team-work skills and tasks. 

Healthy Me 

Covers two main areas of health: Emotional/mental health and Physical health. Most of the statutory content for Health Education (DfE) is contained within this Puzzle.


Children learn to build a respectful relationship with themselves and others such as families, friendships, pets and animals. Children learn about safeguarding and who they can go to for help.

Changing Me 

Deals with change of many types, from growing from young to old. Each year group also thinks about looking ahead and thinking positively about moving year groups and the transition to the neighbouring Junior School. 

Relationship and Health Education policy: