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Raising Aspirations

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

School Values

Meet our values characters and read their stories

Rizzo Resilience 

Ambitious Rizzo Resilience is aiming for the stars. Rizzo knows that fulfilling their dreams will need lots of hard work but with a wave of their flag they always remember to ‘Never give up!’

As Rizzo tries hard, they become more confident in giving new things a go. It doesn’t matter if Rizzo makes a mistake or gets an answer wrong, as it’s all part of the learning process. These experiences help fuel future flights and scatter glittering trails of shooting stars as Rizzo flies higher. They are determined to always try their best.

Rizzo tucks all of the knowledge they gather in their leg pocket rockets. These power Rizzo to think and work independently at school and at home, lifting them to new levels of learning. With a glint and sparkle, Rizzo focuses confidently on the challenge ahead and declares ‘I can do it!’ What a super star!

Roada Responsibility

Roada Responsibility pulls on their helmet and jumps on their gleaming scooter. They know that making healthy and active choices helps their mind and body. By travelling on their scooter they’re looking after the environment too!

Roada knows that the journey to independence might feel a bit scary at times (the road can have lumps and bumps, twists and turns) as they take more ownership for their behaviour and learning, but with a shake of their tail feathers and lots of hard work, they confidently accelerate forward with enthusiasm.

As they try new roads and discover the consequences of their actions, Roada’s signpost reminds them to take care of themselves, how they act and speak to others in their community, and the wider world around them. They take time to choose the right path each time and use their light to show others the way too.

Their beak has a curious pattern; it’s a map of the world and it glows as Roada thinks of ways to make a difference to others beyond school. Even the tiniest of their feathers flutters and dances in the breeze, as the smallest of actions can make a huge difference to their world and their future. Keep on going Roada! You are already a great leader!

Robo Respect

Robo Respect is such a thoughtful member of our community. They always remember to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ as they know that good manners are important in showing respect. Robo cares about other people’s feelings — Robo’s soft, fleecy boots remind them to tread lightly and think before they act, so that they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Look at Robo’s dazzling radars. Robo uses them to listen carefully and learn incredible new things about the people and world around them. They beep and sing as they embrace how wonderfully different we all are. Robo always makes sure everyone is included.

Held proudly above their head for all to see, are Robo’s ‘Clouds of Care and Consideration’. From these fluffy clouds, a beautiful rainbow beams, sharing what matters most to Robo Respect: good manners, acceptance, kindness and the good listening. The words shimmer in multi-coloured glory to lead everyone to respect themselves, others and the world they live in.

Robo’s cape is their superpower. It’s created from a patchwork of the different stories, experiences and cultures of the people they meet. The diverse patterns and colours come together to create a strong, powerful cape which fuels Robo’s ‘Kindness’ dashboard. The lights twinkle as Robo shows kindness and acceptance to everyone around them.