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Raising Aspirations

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

  • Resilience, Responsibility and Respect

Year 2


Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Year 2. We are excited to be working with your family to support your child through their next year of education.


Classes and Teachers

Tanzania Class - Miss Chatters

Senegal Class - Miss Casanova

South Africa Class - Mrs Anjum

Cameroon Class - Miss Adams


PE days

South Africa





All Year 2



Half Termly Topic Webs



Thank you to all of the parents who came to our Family Friday session to watch our mathematics lesson. The children have been learning about shapes, describing patterns and drawing patterns. The children can all describe a pattern and think about what shape is missing, comes before, or next in the pattern.

In Year 2, the children began our new text for English. We will be focusing on Matilda, so we watched the film while eating chocolate cake! They loved the story line and can't wait to create their own versions of Matilda with their own characters, problems and resolutions.


Year 2 children enjoyed some squash tasters. They learnt how to play together, do tap ups, tap downs and how to balance the ball on the racket. Thank you Trevor from Hillingdon squash team!


The children have made some fantastic African prints based on Ester Malange's work this half term. They carved their pattern into polystyrene, painted it and printed it to create a repeating pattern.


Year 2 have planted seeds as part of an experiment in science. We are learning which environment a plant grows best in. We've made our predictions and can't wait to see the results.


Year 2 enjoyed Geography Day this week. We learnt all about Kenya beginning with a very important assembly from Mrs Rehmanji and Mrs Valijee. Mrs Rehmanji used to lived in Kenya! We learnt about the food that grows in Kenya, what schools are like and the native Maasai Tribe.


Year 2 enjoyed a Road Safety workshop this week where they learnt to look out for hazards and how to cross the road safely. Thank you Wizard Theatre!


Year 2 had their RE day this week. The children were learning about Eid. We had a visit from a local Imam who spoke to them about Hajj and shared lots of knowledge about what happens at the Mosque during Ramadan. In class, the children made prayer mats, learnt the story of Ibrahim and Ishmael and had an Eid party.


The children in Year 2 have enjoyed learning about Easter this week. We visited St Mary's Church in Hayes on Monday, and on Thursday had our RE day. They learnt about the Easter story and how Easter is celebrated in different countries. They even tried out some traditions from around The World including egg rolling competitions and hot cross buns.


Year 2 children enjoyed their visit to London. We went to visit Pudding Lane, where The Great Fire of London started and walked up The Monument. We saw amazing views of London. In the afternoon, we went to St Paul's Cathedral, which burnt down in The Great Fire and learnt about how it was rebuilt. The children showed excellent behaviour and a fantastic can do attitude when climbing the 311 steps to the top of The Monument.


The children had a fantastic week beginning their new topic of time and celebrating World Book Day of course! Thank you to all the parents who came in to share a story with their child, they really enjoyed having you in the class. We did a carousel of activities and had a special visit from an author to share stories and ask questions. All the children looked fabulous!


Year 2 enjoyed showing their panting to their family during our Art Exhibition this week. They all worked really hard during the half term to sketch a drawing to scale, inspired by John Malone, the artist we have been studying. Children painted their picture carefully, creating an ombre effect. Thank you to all parents and carers who came into the classroom to see.


Enjoy the half term children, we hope you stay safe and can't wait to see you with your homework projects.


Children in Year 2 enjoyed a Taekwondo taster session delivered by a local coach. They practiced different types of kicks and were able to learn how taekwondo training works.


This week in science, the children have been investigating the outdoor area. We have been looking for animals that live in woody habitats. We found some bird nests, some worms in the soil, woodlice in the decaying tree trunk and snails in the wet crevices of trees. We also saw some holes in the trunks of trees and slime on them so we knew slugs or snails had been slithering up and down them and birds have been pecking. The children were very observant and could talk about why those habitats were good for particular animals.


Year 2 enjoyed having parents in for our Family Friday this half term. Thank you to all parents who came to lesson and helped their children to learn how to use expanded noun phrases.


Happy New Year to all of our children and their families! We hope you had a restful break. We were very excited to welcome the children back and start their learning journey with our new topics. This week, Year 2 enjoyed a visit to The Living Rainforest where they learnt about animals and plants that live there. They learnt about waterproof plants, monkeys, lizards, birds, turtles and much more.

End of The Autumn Term

Year 2 have enjoyed many different activities to end the Autumn Term. We have watched a pantomime, created our products in DT using moving mechanisms, been on a walk in science to look at the uses of different materials and celebrated Christmas Jumper Day!


In PE this week, Year 2 enjoyed putting their gymnastics skills together and jumping off apparatus. We have been holding different shapes and practising our jumping. The children's confidence is growing!


Year 2 had a Superhero dress up day this week as the hook for their new key text 'Traction Man is here'. They all looked fantastic and enjoyed going on different missions throughout the day!


The children enjoyed RE day this week. We learnt about the ideas of God in Christianity and Islam. Children explored knowing things are there without being seen by tasting a drink with some sugar in it. We read the parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about who the sheep and shepherd represent.


In English, our hook for our writing lessons was making ice lollies and playing sand. The children had lots of fun! Can you guess what we are going to write about?


In art, the children were practicing different techniques with clay in preparation to make their sculpture. They enjoyed rolling, squeezing, smoothing and carving, so that they can make the right shapes for their sculpture.


The children have been discussing responsibility in PSHE and thinking about which actions and responsibilities are the most important. In mathematics, the children have been using resources to recognise tens and ones in numbers. Our key text this half term is The Snail and The Whale, by Julia Donaldson.

Continents and Oceans Workshop

Year 2 enjoyed a continents and oceans workshop where they learnt the names of the 7 continents, 5 oceans and some fun facts about each continent. They enjoyed travelling to all 7 continents and crossing the oceans in different ways.

My First Day in Year 2

Year 2 - 2022-2023



A farewell message from your teacher...


'Tanzania class, your journey through Year 2 has been incredible and I'm so lucky to have shared it with you. It has been a pleasure watching you learn, grow and blossom in many ways. You've made new friendships, learnt new things and challenged yourselves each day to achieve many new things. Well done to you all, you should be very proud of yourselves. It's now time for your next adventure in Year 3 and I want to wish you all good luck! I will miss you loads, your new teacher is lucky to have you.'

Miss Chatters.


'As the sun sets on our time together South Africa Class, I want to roar with pride at the wonderful students you've become. Like the courageous lions of the Pride Lands, you've shown resilience, respect, and confidence every day. Watching you grow has been an amazing adventure, and though our time together is over, I know you will continue to shine brightly in Year 3. Remember, just like Simba, you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. I will miss you all dearly, and your next teacher is in for an extraordinary journey with you'

Miss Sharif.


'Cameroon class, I am so proud of how you have all blossomed and grown into such incredible young people. You have all become so confident and achieved so much! Let your wisdom and resilience stick with you as you embark on a new, joyous journey into Year 3. I will miss you all and will miss all of the laughter and happy memories we shared together.'

Miss Mullins.


'Senegal Class, being your teacher this year has been a true honour. I've cherished witnessing each of you grow in your unique ways. As you step into Year 3, I'm filled with pride and excitement for your future. Embrace challenges, cherish friendships, and never stop learning. Remember, you have the power to achieve anything. Best of luck, and thank you for making this journey so rewarding. Keep shining brightly!'

Ms Casanova.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2022-2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Year 2. We are excited to be working with your family to support your child through their next year of education.


Classes and Teachers

Tanzania Class - Miss Chatters

Senegal Class - Miss Casanova

South Africa Class - Miss Sharif

Cameroon Class - Mr Ismail and Miss Mullins


P.E days

South Africa 



CameroonAll Year 2 classes


Half Termly Topic Webs

Weekly Blog

Please visit this page, each Friday to read our weekly blog. You will find useful information, including what we have been learning during the week and important dates. There will also be links to Phonics videos.

Visit to St Mary's Church

The Great Fire of London workshop

Art Exhibition

RE day - Islam, Eid.

Fire safety Workshop

Homework Project - Art based on the Weather

A visit from Father Christmas

A visit from Father Nicholas to learn about Christian Artefacts

Mosque visit

Half term project - old toys

Botwell Green Library visit

Continents and Oceans workshop

The children really enjoyed a workshop where they learnt about the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the World. They got to travel to each of them and find out some really fun facts.

My first day in Year 2




Year 2 Leaver Assembly

The teachers are so proud of all the children in Year 2 for their amazing performance of their farewell assembly. The children put on their best show and sang their hearts out, well done everyone! Thank you to parents/carers who came to watch.



End of Year 2 message:

“Primrose class, you have all made me proud to be your teacher. You have all grown in many different ways and it has been lovely to watch you achieve so much and overcome so many challenges. I will miss you all and wish you all good luck in Year 3, your new teacher is lucky to have you!” Miss Chatters


Foxglove class, I was so lucky to teach you this year. Thank you for making my life so much brighter. I have watched you all learn and grow. You have all shown immense resilience, tried hard at all your challenges and shown so much kindness to all your friends and the adults at Minet. I will miss you all and I wish you all good luck on your new journey in year 3. Your new teacher is lucky to have you!" Miss Sharif


Snapdragon class, I have really enjoyed teaching you. I have watched you learn and grow into such amazing people. You worked so hard and achieved so much. Continue to work hard and stay focused. I will miss you all and I wish you all the very best in Year 3. Your new teacher is very lucky to have you!” Miss Mohamed

Handball Taster session

Half term project - lighthouses

Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee baking

Year 2 Easter Project - Well done everyone, you were all very creative!

Writing workshop at Yeading Infant School

Geography Fieldtrip

Dance workshop