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Raising Aspirations

  • Harmony, Trust and Peace

  • Caring, Charity and Love

  • Appreciation, Freedom and Honesty

  • Thoughtfulness and Forgiveness

  • Co-operation and Responsibility

  • Positivity, Humour and Friendship

  • Patience, Respect and Tolerance

  • Courage, Resilience and Determination


The importance of good attendance

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Good attendance at school is vital to the current and future success of all children. Research has proven there is a strong link between school attendance and academic performance and success of children. It also impacts on their personal and social development. Absence from school is often the single biggest cause of poor achievement and progress. It can result in children falling behind their peers and not meeting age related expectations due to missed learning which can be difficult to catch-up on. This also makes it more difficult to be successful with the future learning as gaps in their learning prevent them from moving on when they should. 


That is why at Minet we aim for all our children to have 100% attendance or at least 95% attendance so they can benefit from everything a high quality education has to offer. 


Take a look at our Attendance Ladder to see how the number of missed school days impact on a child's overall attendance:


Good attendance is rewarded in a number of ways of Minet including:

  • Attendance certificates for the classes with the best attendance are awarded in Achievement Assembly each week.
  • Children who achieve 100% each half term are entered into the Attendance Raffle for a chance to win a special prize. 
  • Children who achieve 100% each term are not only entered into the half termly raffle but also receive a special prize. 
  • Children are awarded Bronze (100% attendance for a half term), Silver (100% attendance for a term) and Gold (100% attendance for the whole year) certificates for excellent attendance each half term. 
  • Special postcards (written by the Headteacher) are regularly sent home to children with the most improved rate of attendance. 

Here are our winners from Autumn Term's Attendance Raffle:

Take a look at our Attendance Table and the postcards which are sent home for improving attendance

Leave of absence during term time

Leave of absence requests will not be granted in term time unless there are reasons considered to be 'exceptional' by the headteacher. Applications for a leave of absence must be made in writing and addressed to the headteacher. Term time holidays are not permitted and will not be authorised. Unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice being issue. Please see the Pupil Attendance Policy for further information (see below). 

Click the document below to read the school's Pupil Attendance Policy:

Information about attendance and the local council's roles is available on their website:

Attendance information leaflet