Year One online learning 2021

We are disappointed not to be welcoming you all back this week but it is so important to keep everyone safe.

The year one team have been busy putting all the learning for this week online – we hope you enjoy it and do remember to send in examples via our email address!

Mrs Bhambra is excited to see how well Lavender class complete their home learning.


Miss Mohamed says good luck in the tasks this week to her Dandelions


Wishing my Daffodils all the best! – Mrs Sturgess


Miss Hassan  says ‘I know you can do it!’ to Orchid class

Hello Year 1

  • ​​To make things a bit more structured for you, here is a timetable that you can follow. Please note this is just a guide and apart from the live on-line lessons, please fit in the activities the best way it works for you.
  • ​Remember to attend your live on-line Phonics class everyday at 10.00am.
  • ​From this week you will be able to attend live on-line English lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have attached your follow on task, from each lesson, under the English tab. There is also a PowerPoint of tasks for Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Also from this week you can attend live Maths on-line Maths lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. We have attached your follow up tasks, from each lesson, under the Maths tab. There is also a PowerPoint of tasks for you to complete Monday,  Wednesday and Friday.
  • Please remember, you do not need to print out the worksheets. You can write on a paper or whiteboards. 


9.00 PE with Joe PE with Joe PE with Joe PE with Joe PE with Joe
10.00 ​Log onto live Phonics with your Teacher ​Log onto live Phonics with your Teacher ​Log onto live Phonics with your Teacher ​Log onto live Phonics with your Teacher ​Log onto live Phonics with your Teacher
11.00 Log onto live English lessons with your Teacher Log onto live Maths lessons with your Teacher Log onto live English lessons with your Teacher Log onto live Maths lessons with your Teacher Log onto live English lessons with your Teacher
1.00  Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading
2.00 Complete the Geography activity Complete the Art activity Complete the Science activity Complete the Music activity Complete the PHSE activity

Monday 11th January

Monday 11th January

We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you in more live lessons this week at 11am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after which you need to complete the tasks below.


Read along with the story of Owl Babies 

While you are reading, think about these questions:

  • What is the owls’ nest made from?
  • What food do owls like to eat?
  • How many baby owls can you count?
  • What sounds might the owl babies hear in the woods at night?
  • How do the baby owls feel when their Owl Mother comes back?

Talk to someone about the book. What part of the story did you like best? Who was your favourite character? Why?

Now write a sentence about your favourite part of the story and why you liked it. Remember to start with a capital letter, use finger spaces and end with a full stop. Read back your sentence to check it makes sense.

Tuesday Talk Task

Talk to your family about the story of Owl Babies.

Where do you think Mother Owl went?

What did she bring back?

How would you feel if you were left on your own?

Act out the story with your family.

Can you make an owl nest in your bed?


Read the story again. Can you use different voices for each of the Owl Babies?

Look at the picture of the setting for the story. Where do the owls live? What can you see in the picture? What do you think you might hear if you were one of the owls?

Draw your own picture of the forest. Write a list of things you can see and things you might hear. Remember to include adjectives to make your writing more interesting – long thin branches.


Today’s activity is spelling. Next week we will be learning the order of the days of the week.

Can you practise spelling them?

Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday           Thursday              Friday


Can you think of all the different things you might see and hear in the forest?

Today you are going to write sentences to describe all the different things the Owl Babies could see and hear while they were waiting for their Owl Mother to return.

Remember to use the Steps to Success for writing sentences – start with a capital letter, use finger spaces, end with a full stop, read back your writing to check that it makes sense. Try to join sentences with ‘and’ and don’t forget to include adjectives.

Tuesday 5th January

Look at  the PowerPoint  English Sentence Writing on sentence writing. Below are 4 pictures (1 for each day) with questions for you to think about. There is no right or wrong answer! Write your answers in full sentences. Challenge:

·      To use adjectives

·      To make sentences longer using the words: and, because, but. 





Monday 11th January

We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you in more live lessons this week. We will be doing live Maths lessons at 11am on Tuesday and Thursday. After the Zoom lessons, please complete tasks on the word document:

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, please complete the addition activities on the PowerPoint here: Maths for Monday Wednesday and Friday

Tuesday maths word document: Tuesday Maths Activity after the Live session

Tuesday 5th January

Please look at the attached Maths PowerPoint – Maths  

There are 4 activities on there.     One for each day. Remember you can write your answers on paper. 

Monday 11th January

Sounds of the week:


igh                              ear                                 air                                 ure


Each day look at the sound PowerPoint. Look at the pictures and try to spell the words using the sounds you just revised. There is also a worksheet to complete. Remember, you do not need to print these out – you can make a list on a piece of paper.

Monday     igh      igh powerpoint                       igh worksheet

Tuesday     ear         ear                                            ear worksheet

Wednesday  air        air                                       air worksheet

Thursday   ure          ure                                      ure worksheet

Friday   – today you need to try and learn these tricky words:

  • the
  • said
  • have
  • come
  • some
  • what
  • when

sing along to this video!

Tuesday 5th January

Sounds of the week:

ar                                 oo                                 or                                  ur

Each day look at the sound PowerPoint. Read the words and then complete the phoneme spotter story on the last page of the PowerPoint. There is also a worksheet to complete. Remember, you do not need to print these out – you can make a list on a piece of paper.

Tuesday       ar        Tuesday phonics ar powerpoint      Tuesday phonics ar worksheet   

Wednesday   oo            Wednesday phonics oo worksheet    Wednesday phonics oo powerpoint

Thursday      or      Thursday phonics or worksheet  Thursday phonics or powerpoint

Friday           ur    Friday phonics ur worksheet   Friday phonics ur powerpoint

Monday 11th January

Last week in Science we learnt about the differences between animals. Some have 4 legs, some have none! Some have fur, some have feathers! This week we are going to think about animal groups. Please read and complete the mammals activity on the PowerPoint  Science – Mammals

Tuesday 5th January

In Science we want to learn about animals. By the end of our topic, you should be able to name some different groups of animals and be able to say which group an animal belongs to and why.

For this week, we would like to get you thinking about how animals are different.


  1. Sit down with a grown-up and see how many animals you can think of in 5 minutes. Write them down in a list or your grown-up can do it for you.
  2. Find the answers to some of these questions:
  • How many legs do they have?
  • Do they have wings?
  • What else do they have? Where do they live?
  • What do they eat?
  • What noise do they make?
  • How do they move?
  • What can they do?


  1. Can you sort your animals into 2 groups e.g.

Animals with 4 legs/Animals WITHOUT 4 legs

Animals with wings/Animals WITHOUT wings

Can you think of your own way to sort them?


  1. Choose one of your animals and write a few sentences about it.


  1. Draw a lovely picture of your animal.

Monday 11th January

This half term our topic is ‘Where can we go in the United Kingdom?

Last week we attached a grid template and you were asked to complete this first column, ‘What I already know about the topic.’ This week complete the second column, ‘What I want to learn about the topic?’​


Have you seen a globe / atlas or map? This is what we can use to look at all of the countries in the World.

We live on an island called the British Isles. We live in the United Kingdom – if you have an atlas, can you find it on the map?

Look at the map of the UK and begin to identify the countries within it (use the vocabulary of north, east, south and west). Geography MAP OF UK

Have you had any experiences of these countries in the UK? What country do we live in?

Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of the United Kingdom – she is in charge of all 4 countries, and more!

Task: label the map of the United Kingdom and then colour the sea blue and the land green    Geography



Look at the creation of the Union Jack from different component flags. Research how the countries flags are joined together to create the Union Jack.

Discuss how the countries flags are joined together to create the Union Jack – Follow the lines to finish the Union Jack.    Geography Union Jack

Tuesday 5th January

This half term our topic is ‘Where can we go in the United Kingdom?’

Attached in a grid template (remember you don’t have to print it)


This week only complete this first column ‘What I already know about the topic.’ 

We will be thinking about feelings.
Can you think of any feeling words? Go through the PowerPoint Presentation. PHSE emotions

Some of these feelings are good and some are not so good.

Which feelings are good/not so good?


Show an adult how someone feels when they’re happy.

Show an adult how someone feels when they’re angry.

Show an adult how someone feels when they’re confused.​


Tuesday 5th January

We are all different. This makes the world an exciting place! We all like different things, we are all interested in different things and we are all good at different things. This makes us all special.

Draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a star (like this one) and then write or draw things which make you special on each star point:

Monday 11th January

Design a new outfit for the Queen.   

Tuesday 5th January

If you have access to paint, please have a go at mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. Then use your new colours to paint a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth II is the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Learning about rhythm

Please look and listen to the video and then complete the three interactive activities.

The Oak National Academy is a new website which provides lots of online lessons for year 1 every week. Click on the schedule for Year 1 to begin your online journey. We will be having a look ourselves and letting you know which subject areas are new learning for you child and which would be revision.

BBC Bitesize are also providing daily lessons online. Click Year 1 to begin your learning.

Year 1 Home Learning

The Year 1 team would encourage all parents/carers to continue to support their children with the following tasks:

  • Challenge yourself to Reading Bingo
  • Read your home reading books
  • Ensure you log onto Bug Club and read the allocated books, remembering to answer the comprehension questions – this is really important as it will be our only way to ensure that children are reading the at the correct level
  • Visit Oxford Owl, register and follow the link for parents. There is a phonics guide, maths games and free e-book library – you can pick the age range appropriate to your child and you will have access to hundreds of online books
  • Use PhonicsPlay to keep practising your phonics. You can access the same resources that we use at school by using these details to login:

Username – jan21

Password – home

Other Activities for You

  • Visit Top Marks for extra maths activities –  you can practise number bonds, doubling and halving
  • Sings songs – you can visit SingUp for ideas
  • Draw a picture of your favourite animal
  • Collect junk modelling and make a animal from it
  • Dress up and role play
  • Do some baking
  • Have fun!

Please ensure you check this page and our twitter page @minetinfants daily as we endeavour to update this regularly. If you would like to share any of your home learning then please email it to

The Year 1 team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you well. We look forward to seeing you when the school re-opens.