Welcome to Nursery 2020

We are delighted that you have chosen to start your child's journey with us and we are excited to welcome you and your family in September.

 During these uncertain times, we will clarify the settling in and induction process on the 1st September as it will need to be different this year.

This page will soon fill up with content to support you and your child with the induction process.We were not able to bring you into school June/July for the usual face to face induction and tour of the nursery. However, we will do our best to prepare you and your child for the exciting learning adventure ahead.

This is Ms Hunt who will be taking Poppy class. Do click on her image to find out more!

Miss McKenzie is one of our Nursery Nurses. Click on her to hear her greeting to you.

Miss Retter is one of our  will also be one of our Nursery Nurses. Do click on her link to hear her message to you.

This is Miss Aylward who will be the class teacher for Daisy class. She has recorded a special greeting for you, click on her image to see it.

These are the staff members who will be teaching your children next year. Do click onto each staff member and hear their message to you!

Preparation tips before Nursery starts

Read books – spend time  reading  books about starting school.

  • Topsy and Tim: Start School  by Jean Adamson and Belinda Worsley
  • Starting school by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • I’m starting Nursery: Pirate Pete and Princess Polly by Amanda Li

Role play going to school.

Pretend you are going to Nursery;

  • hang up your backpack
  • sit down for group time and have some fruit or a simple snack
  • teach your child a few basic social skills – talk about how to politely get someones attention, to take turns or to join in a game

Support your child on self-help skills

  • going to Nursery marks a big developmental step for your child and independence will become a larger focus. Help your child to master self help skills like washing their hands, using the toilet or putting their shoes and socks on.

Express and acknowledge feelings

Beginning Nursery is an exciting adventure, but it is normal for both of you to have feelings of anxiety. To help your child deal with change anxiety allow your child to express these feeling.

Listen closely and acknowledge  your child’s fears. You may notice changes in your child’s behaviour as they work through their feelings.

We have also included this story of Dave the Dog which may be helpful to share with your child. It tries to explain the coronavirus and the changes we have all made to keep safe in a child friendly way.