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Sundip Bhambra

I have been primary school teacher for over ten years and am still as passionate about teaching as I was when I first started.

Being a parent myself, I feel I have a good insight into what children need and want and their thought process. When out with my own children, I often find myself collecting things for my children at school –  you never know when ‘that’ might come in useful or who may enjoy using it!

In Lavender Class, we use a variety of teaching and learning methods across the curriculum, ensuring that all children are having fun as they learn new things. . Our classroom is all about engaging children and ensuring they reach their full potential. As lovely as it is inside Lavender Class, we also spend quality time in the Year 1 outdoor learning area.

Its great being a part of Minet as it’s not only the children that learn here. I learning something new along the way too!