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Poonum Prashar

I first became interested in teaching when working in a Nursery setting as part of my school work experience. I joined Minet Infant school in 2007. My subsequent experiences working with children in early years and in year 1, has served further to fire my enthusiasm and passion for teaching. All children begin school with a variety of experiences and learning. It is a privilege working in a reception class to take on the task of building upon prior learning and experience.  Working closely with parents, support staff and the reception team has helped to effectively support children’s learning and development.

In my leisure time I enjoy travelling to different countries and learning about different cultures. I recently visited Thailand, Sumatra and Bali. I love to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy looking after my nieces and nephews.

I feel it’s important to make learning interesting and creative. In school I have enjoyed creating different role play areas within the classroom to engage children’s imagination. It’s been great to be part of Minet Infant school, where meaningful learning always elicits a smile.