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Janet Bailey

I joined Minet in 2000 when my two sons were young.  My plan was to work around their school hours until they started high school.  However, even though the boys have now left school and are working, I have enjoyed being part of the Minet team so much – I am still here!


As the Admissions Officer I may be the first person you speak to when you think about your child starting school.  I am here to offer you help and advice on how to apply for a school place and the process involved in starting nursery or school.  As a mum I have been through this myself and know how parents can feel if it’s leaving your only child, or even your second or third, for the first time.


Being the Attendance Officer for the school is also part of my job.  We have amazing teachers at Minet but, of course, they can only teach your children when they are in school.  It’s so important that you help your children to access the full curriculum by bringing them to school every day possible.  We do understand that it’s normal for small children to become unwell at times but Mrs Holland and I are more than happy to meet with you about any attendance matters.


I enjoy seeing and chatting to the children when they bring their class registers or messages to the office.  They are so proud to be “Class Helpers” and be given the responsibility.  Over the years I have met many wonderful families and am now starting to hear that some pupils who joined the school at the same time as me are now at University – which is fantastic.


Outside school I like to spend time with my family and quite often go into central London.  We have an amazing capital city and I love to walk around and find new places to visit – so many of them are free too!


You can always find me in the main office at the school and, together with my colleagues, we are always there to help you with any queries.  So please, if there’s anything you wish to know, either telephone or pop in – even if it’s just to say Hi ! – we are always pleased to see you J.