Reception Online Learning 2021

Welcome to the parents, carers and families of Reception pupils at Minet

We have created this page to help you to support your child at home during this challenging time.

We hope the ideas, activities and resources provide some structure to your daily routine and help to support your child in their learning whilst the school remains closed.

We look forward to seeing what you get up to and if you are happy to share your learning, please email photos and updates to so we can share it on our page @minetinfants.

Miss Prashar is wishing all her Bluebell’s the best. She is looking forward to seeing her class do some lovely home learning.

Mrs Prashar

Miss Cruz can’t wait to do lots of fun learning from home with her Snowdrops.

Your teachers picture  will soon read a special message that they have written to you!


Miss Toor is really excited to see how her Buttercups do some good learning from home!


Miss Crane says hello to all her smiley Starflowers! She can’t wait to see and hear about all the lovely learning they are doing at home.

Our suggested timetable for home learning  timetable for parents

Spring Term Learning at Minet

Please check the ‘Areas of Learning’ below for a new weekly challenge in each area.

Science experiment A basket of food – I can make a new basket for Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood needs a new basket to take food to Grandma’s house. Can you make a new basket?  How big should it be? What does a basket need?

What are you going to use? How much food can your basket hold? How could you make your basket stronger?

I can design a picnic basket for Grandma.

Little red riding hood takes a picnic basket to her grandma’s house. What delicious snacks could she take? Can you draw a picnic basket of delicious food?

I can describe a character.

Look at a picture of the character from the story.

Can you think of some words or sentences to describe the character?  For example, she has a red hood. The wolf is bad.  He has big teeth. You could write these down using good sounding out to help you. Remember to say your word or sentence out aloud before writing it down.

For each activity try to encourage your child to:

  • use the correct pencil grip
  • use their phonic knowledge to spell – it doesn’t matter if its incorrect.
  • encourage correct letter formation
  • ask your child to write their name on their work.For each activity try to encourage your child to:
    • use the correct pencil grip
    • use their phonic knowledge to spell – it doesn’t matter if its incorrect.
    • encourage correct letter formation
    • ask your child to write their name on their work.

I can listen to the story

Read the story of Little Red Riding Hood or watch it here…

Look out for Miss Crane retelling the story.

Can you answer some questions about the story? You could write your answers or ask a grown up to record you speaking.

  • Where is little red riding hood going?
  • How do you think little red riding hood felt when she saw the wolf?
  • Where does Grandma live?
  • Who comes to rescue Little Red Riding hood?

What was your favourite part of the story?

I can make or decorate biscuits for grandma

Little Red Riding Hood takes some biscuits to Grandma’s house. Can you make some biscuits for Granny? (see attached biscuit recipe cards) If you can’t make any biscuits maybe you could decorate some? Can you write a list of ingredients you used to make/decorate your biscuits?

I can draw a map to Grandma’s house

Little red riding hood walked through the woods on her way to Grandma’s house. Can you draw a map of the woods and show how she got to grandmas from her house? What things could she pass on her way to Grandma.

Number stone towers

Collect rocks on a walk. Encourage your child to balance them on top of each other to see how tall they can build a tower. As they play, encourage lots of mathematical discussion. Can you add one more? How many do you have now? Oh no, one has fallen off, how many do you have left? Challenge your child to draw their tower and add numbers to their picture.

How fast can you build a number tower?

Use a sharpie pen to add numbers to Duplo or Lego blocks. Start with numbers 1-10 or 1-5 if this where your child is at. It helps to add matching counting dots on the building blocks so your child can check if necessary. Encourage your child to build the tower as fast as possible. See if they can beat you!

Making a number line

Can you make a number line using different objects?

Leaf threading

Can you collect 10 big leaves? Can you carefully thread the leaves onto some string or wool? Use a small twig to make a

Number Hunt

Can you find objects in your home that have numbers on? Look in each room and see how many objects with numbers you can spot.  Can you draw and label the objects you found?

Adding using objects

Get two baskets/bowls. Put 3 small objects in one basket and 2 in the other. Count how many you have altogether!

Try again using different number of objects.

Challenge: can you write the number sentence?

Example 3 +2 = 5

Areas of Learning

Click on the word below to see how we teach phonics at Minet and how can you do phonics online…

Click on the picture below to visit White Rose Maths for a daily maths activity…

Send what you learn to if you would like to share it with us!

Use flashcards daily to help you remember your letter sounds and numbers!

Challenge ☆ Can you make your own at home?

Send a picture of your flashcards to so that we can share them with your friends to help them make their own!

What letter is your teacher holding?

What sound does it make?

What numeral can you see?

Can you collect that number of objects?

Numbers to 20

Here are 4 turtle challenge cards:

The first one is about counting the turtles

The second one is about more and less turtles

 The third one is about adding the turtles together (remember to check the maths workshop video below to see how we teach addition in Reception at Minet)

The fourth one is about doubling the turtles


Look at the picture of your teacher. Fill in the blank _______ of the sentence using one of the Star Words.

For example: Miss Longson is on top of the tyre.


Challenge ☆ Can you use a different Star Word for the picture?

For example: Miss Longson is above the tyre.

Miss Longson is ________ the tyre.

Miss Crane is ________ the dog.

Miss Toor is ________ the guitar.

Challenge ☆ Can you complete these sentences?

The tyre is _______ Miss Longson.

The dog is _______ Miss Crane.

The guitar is _______ Miss Toor.


Watch the video to listen to the story of the Smartest Giant in Town.

The giant is sooooo tall!

Can you use the Star Words to describe the other characters and answer the questions below?


Watch the video to complete the Goldilocks Size Challenge!

You will need to collect 3 random objects – these can be any 3 things from your home.

  • Which of your objects is the biggest?
  • Which of your objects are smaller than the biggest?
  • Which of your objects is the smallest?
  • Which of your objects is the medium sized?

Now you are ready to watch the video. Remember to press pause to read the instructions.

Can you use the Star Words at home?

Can you teach them to someone else in your family?

You could even use them to help you complete these challenge cards…

Remember to click on the challenge cards to make them bigger!


Maths Workshop

View our Maths Workshop here to see how we teach maths in Reception at Minet. Then watch the video at home see how we learn to add and subtract single digit numbers.

At Minet we love using Tales Toolkit to help us to create stories and use our imagination.

Click on the symbols below to find out a bit more about what they mean so you can start using them at home!

” We believe story is a super powerful learning gizmo… Helping [your children] to become independent problem solvers and solution-focused thinkers “

(Tales Toolkit)

Challenge 4

Challenge 3

Challenge 2

Challenge 1

Click on the pictures below to see what we learnt during the Autumn Term and what we started to learn in the Spring Term…

Stay Safe, Stay at Home

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have used these beautiful illustrations from their stories and added captions to remind us to stay at home and how to stay safe. If you would like to listen to the original story, click on the picture!