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December at Minet

Christmas Concerts

We have been very impressed with the talents and ability of all our children as they entertained us this month. Nursery children started the celebrations with their first ever presentation of ‘Singing Christmas Songs’.



Reception put on a very polished performance as they reminded us about the importance of numbers in the Christmas story with ‘Christmas Counts!’

Year Two showed us how ‘Children of the world’ celebrate.


All the shows were full of sparkle and fun but most of all demonstrated the wonderful voices of the children here at Minet.


Christmas Fayre

It was amazing and heart-warming to see so many of you at our Fayre last week. The queue stretched a long way – and many of the items did sell out very quickly! FOMISA worked hard to put on a beautiful event and we have had many positive comments on how much you all enjoyed the event.

Wind in the Willows

On Wednesday reception took a break from their own play rehearsals to watch Image theatre perform Wind and the Willows. Together, with a small nursery group, they began their afternoon by learning a few songs from the production so they could join in during the performance. Some children volunteered to be actors and they had a small workshop in one of the classrooms. In the workshop they got into character through costumes, music and play. Once the songs were learnt and the actors were ready, the performance began. The children were a fantastic audience and every child sat beautifully, listening and joining in wherever possible. They loved the characters and their voices, especially Mr Toad who often fell over and needed help from the audience. When we returned to the classrooms the children were still talking about their favourite parts. Lahjae from bluebell class said “I liked it because the people were funny. Mr Toad was running everywhere”. It was a fantastic opportunity for all the children to get involved and learn about the story. ​




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