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October News


Harvest Festival Celebration       

Children in Reception and KS1 took part in a special Harvest assembly last week. As well as learning about the meaning of Harvest Festival, the children thoroughly enjoyed helping to act out the story of the Little Red Hen using puppets. Children learnt about the importance of helping their friends and working together as a team.  Thanks to your generosity we have collected a huge amount of food which will be taken to Uxbridge Food Bank to help families in need of support.



Diwali Celebrations

All staff and children at Minet Infant school would like to wish all our parents a Happy Diwali. This year we are celebrating Diwali in school with an assembly and with children participating in Diwali activities in their classes. Teachers have planned engaging and practical lessons that will broaden children’s understanding of the world around them as well as gain an insight into celebration practices of other cultures.

Nandika from Orchid class said, “Today is fun because I can go home and tell my family about Diwali.”



KS1 were really lucky because they got to watch and take part in a fantastic show performed by the Junk Orchestra! The team shared their amazing instruments that were all made from different objects. The children were all very excited to hear how the instruments would sound and were very surprised to see how they were made using everyday items like bottles and bins! We were all captivated by the amazing sounds and rhythms the band could play which has inspired us all to make our own instruments. As well as listening to and composing music, the children also learnt about recycling and why it is important to our world.



Art Exhibition – presented by Year One 

The Year 1 children at Minet Infants held their annual art exhibition and it was a great success! For our topic, ‘What Makes Me Unique?’ the children were learning about the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. After learning about his work, the children created different versions of their own self portraits, in the style of Picasso. Their work was AMAZING and we were very enthusiastic to share it. The children came up with their own ideas. They wanted to ‘use the microphone to read,’ and ‘sing songs.’ There was a great turn out and the children were very proud to present their exhibition to parents and carers.

We have made a great start with our return to Walking Football. Over the last 2 weeks we have had 18 Dad’s enjoying an early morning game of football. If you would like to join us, we are on the school field every Wednesday morning 9.00am-10.00am.

Mum’s zumba will be returning after half term. QPR Health Stars will be running the zumba class with a professional instructor. The sessions are FREE and all Mums are welcome.

Our topic Marvellous Me has allowed the children to show the Characteristics of Effective Learning as describe in the early year’s curriculum.

We have been able to play and explore new learning experiences through active learning. Learning at their own pace allows the children to think about new ideas and ways to problem solve whilst making links to other experiences. In September the school staff team had a fantastic training session with Mr Paul Johnson, who is a book art maker, who shared some great ideas of how      making books can help inspire children to draw and write. Look how the nursery created their own Marvellous me books. Inside you can see what they like, their favourite food, colour and more.




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