Nursery Online Learning 2021

A Message from Minet

Dear Children and Families,

Happy New Year and we hope that you all managed to enjoy the Winter break with time as a family and time to relax.

Despite our current situation the learning will continue to be as stimulating and exciting as possible.

For our first Spring topic we will be learning all about People Who Help Us.

Some of the questions we would be asking are:

Who helps us and how do they help us?

Who is here to help us in school? & at home

Who is your favourite superhero?

Parents as Partners:

Discuss with your child times when people have helped them and how.

If your job involves helping people, please let us know.

A home learning activity will involve the children helping you at home. Always a popular exercise!!

Encourage your child to help you to make  bed.

Your child can help you to unpack the shopping.

Ask your child to help you set the table.

Think of different things that your child can help you with and do share with us!

Phonics Challenge

Songs, Rhymes, Phonics and Literacy

Please remember to keep safe.

Have a look at this story and see the different ways you can

Communicate with your friends and teachers.

Maybe you could write a letter or send a card, make a picture for a friend or teacher. Perhaps your parents could help you to write an email or send in some photographs.

Whatever you choose we are sure that a grown up can help you and don’t forget to write your name using your name card.

Its really important to do some exercise at home, can you count and stamp your feet or try to dance & count to the music?

Feed the shape monsters the correct shapes and let us know who ate the most.

Try this addition game and let us know how you get on.

Name two people who help us.

Listen to a story about people who help us. Like this one about Topsy and Tim going to the doctor.

Draw a picture of you helping someone.

Encourage your child to get dressed by themselves. This will help them to be independent learners.

Watch this video with your child to encourage them.

Make you own ‘People who help us’ costume.

Borrow an adult’s hat to be a helmet or a shirt to be a doctor’s coat.

Pretend you are the person who is helping.

What would you do?

What would you say?

Take a photograph and send it to us, we would really love to see you dressed up.

Shapes Challenge

Can you make a shape picture like Mrs Prashar’s at home?

It could be your home, a flower, an animal or anything that you can think of!

Share what you create with

Other Learning Challenges

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have used these beautiful illustrations from their stories and added captions to remind us to stay at home and how to stay safe. If you would like to listen to the original story, visit our Reception Home Learning page!