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November News


WOW! In support of our continuous charity fundraising ethos in school, the children of Minet Infant and Nursery school came in to school with spotty clothes, to support the ‘Children in Need’ charity. Pupils and staff all contributed money to support this fundraising event and all monies will go towards the Children in Need charity. We are extremely proud of our community who are always willing to engage enthusiastically in such events. This year we raised over £500 and with our matched funding, we are able donate £1000 to children in need! Congratulations to everyone involved in this worthwhile event. 

Rights Respecting News

The RRSA (Rights Respecting School Award) held its first Steering Group Meeting for this academic year and we were very pleased to welcome our new Reception Ambassadors alongside our current Ambassadors.

These children will be able to express ideas and contribute to the RRSA within our school. The first steering group meeting was very successful. The children felt they were safe in school as when we discussed Article Number 19: ‘Children have the right to be protected from being hurt’. They said “no-one is allowed to hit them”, “the teachers look after them” and “they go to welfare when they have an accident.” The ambassadors will also share their progress with the school Governors in the new year.

On the 9th November, the Year Two teachers held a Maths Workshop for parents and carers of children in our Year Two classes. The aim was to share with parents and carers how we teach maths in Minet Infants School, as well as model some practical maths, so parents can see the resources we use in classes. The Year Two teachers were also able to answer any questions regarding the methods we use to teach calculations at school in Year Two. They were highly successful sessions and we hope to hold more in the future as the feedback from the parents who attended was very positive.  




Over the past two weeks the school council have been selling Poppies in school to support this year’s Appeal.  On Remembrance Day, 11th November the children attended an assembly led by our Head Teacher based on why we sell poppies and what the Remembrance Day means.



Every Tuesday the school has been running free classes for parents on how to support their children’s learning at home in reading, writing and maths. In the classes parents learn strategies and get resources that they can use at home with their children. It also

helps develop parents knowledge on what and how their children learn in school. One parent said, “My child is making very good progress since I have started using the ideas and games at home. If you are interested in joining please talk to your child’s class teacher.





Reception Reading and Maths Workshops

Thank you to all the parents who attended Reception “Reading and Maths workshop” We are proud to invite parents to our workshops which help to support their child’s learning at home. Creating a love of reading in children is potentially one of the most powerful ways of improving your child’s knowledge, creativity and writing skills. During the Maths Workshop, parents interacted with their children through child-led activities, which allowed the children to follow their own interests to find and solve mathematical problems that grab their attention. 

This month we also hosted a Nursery Prime Area Curriculum meeting and we were thrilled to see so many parents in attendance showing support to their child and the school once again. As you know, the prime areas are important because they lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and of life: Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Physical Development. Communication and Language.






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