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June News

Sunny the Meerkat

As all you Twitter followers may be aware, the Year 1 children had a very special visitor who came to see them. Sunny the Meerkat arrived at Minet hoping to have a wonderful time. Unfortunately something terrible happened…. he was kidnapped and the school library was ruined! The children used their detective skills to work out the clues left by the kidnapper… it was the Jackal!
We wrote persuasive letters to the Jackal for the safe return of Sunny. Luckily (thanks to our letters) Sunny has now been returned and is enjoying being at Minet before he has to return home.

Well done to Year 1!                                            

Tales Toolkit in Reception

Reception have been using Tales Toolkit, a special kit for creating tales. The children have become great storytellers developing their language, communication, social skills and creativity. The children have loved using the easily recognisable symbols for character, setting, problem and solution. This has helped them to understand and remember the story structure. We have used the four symbols on our writing resources. This has enabled children at all levels to record stories from early marks to more advanced story writing.
The Tales Toolkit Tiger came to visit our school this week. He has visited each of the Reception classrooms. The children were very excited to see him and they have created some wonderful stories. Would the Tales Toolkit Tiger be the character, problem or solution in your story?


Year 2 Art Gallery Visit

This Summer term, our Year 2 pupils visited Tate Modern in an aid to explore and inspire their creativity. In preparation for the visit, the children created and designed their own sketchbooks. Whilst exploring the gallery, the children were given the opportunity to discuss and sketch what they could see. Our pupils were extremely curious and asked many why, what and how questions whilst exploring the gallery. These are the conversations we wanted our pupils to explore as it allowed them to understand how creative art can be. They took pride in their sketches and enjoyed sharing them with their peers and adults. The children exuded with excitement throughout the day and it helped that the sun was shining, as it made the London landmarks that we saw all the more magnificent!

Rights Respecting News


During the day our children took part in various learning activity around the school. Nursery children planted tomato seeds in recycled containers. Reception planted some olive and lupus trees and went on a recycling hunt outside. Year 1 planned so many exciting activities such as recycled scarecrows, birdfeeders, animals and even made recycled paper! We have even had some birds come to visit the birdfeeders already! Year 2 designed posters all about ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ which is the focus for this year’s World Environment Day.
Well done everyone for helping to improve our planet

Going to Nursery

Starting schools can be one of the biggest transitions in a child’s life, but it is worth remembering that most children love school and go on to make the most of their education.
Here at Minet we want our children to have the best start, therefore our new Nursery parents meeting was informative and allowed time for parents to ask important questions, share vital information and meet other parent is a similar position. We would like to welcome you all to Minet and we look forward to greeting our new families in September.




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