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January News

Reception Classes had their first ever afterschool club this Spring half term and as you can see it was very successful. The children learned how to improve their flexibility and concentration. It also helped them to relax through fun and engaging classes—we even had some of the teachers join in! What a great experience the children have had. Thank you to our YogaBugs instructor Mrs Beatrice Ferrazzi and the Yogabugs team.

Rights Respecting News

Our Assembly this month was about Mother Language Day. Article 30 ‘Every child has the right to practice their own language.’ Children learnt about the importance of learning your home language but also that it is important at school to speak a language with friends that everyone can understand. The Rights Respecting Steering group have also thought about a dinner hall charter to improve lunch times as the steering group felt this was the time of the day that could be improved.

Here is the charter that the Steering Group have agreed on:           

Use quiet voices in the hall

Use nice manners

Don’t throw food on the floor

Always walk in the hall.

We hope to display this in the hall to remind all children.




Keeping Fit in 2018! 

Key Stage 1 also took part in a Yoga workshop this month which all the children found fun and most importantly, relaxing. The children used their imagination and the Yoga instructor, who took them on an adventure. They packed their bags, travelled to Africa and saw some wild animals. In this picture you can see Lily class riding their bike up the mountain.



Sports for Dad’s

Sadly our Walking Football session has had to stop due to the weather conditions but that will not stop us offering these amazing sports sessions. We have now moved onto the playground to play different sports every week. This month we have been playing tennis and after a worried start the Dads found their skills improved and they still had an active workout. Please come and join us every Wednesday at 9am where we will be trying new sports next term.


Nursery News

Through our ‘When I grow up: Who would you like to be ?’ topic the children have been learning about people’s professions, we have been engaging imaginative role play and dressing up as different occupations. This has enable the children to engage others in their play.

A particular favourite this year has been the police car, closely followed by the fire engine! Do ask your child about this topic and hear all about it from them.





 Safer Internet Day 2018

In February we will be taking part in the Safer Internet day. This day is celebrated globally each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children. Children will be learning how to play, learn, create and connect safely online through drama workshops, class based activities and interactive computer sessions The day also offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community.

Healthy Schools

Within our current extra-curricular programme and part of our Healthy Schools, QPR have been working with our KS1 children, offering high quality coaching across a variety of sports including; Football, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Netball and other fun activities. Here Year One children had to balance a bean bag on their heads while walking along a length of line marked out on the ground.



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