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Rachelle Dottin

My name is Miss Dottin and I have been working at Minet Infant School for two years as a Year 1 teacher. It has been a pleasure to teach such inspiring and uplifting young children, alongside a supportive and encouraging team.


Outside of school, I enjoy travelling to a range of different countries, such as Australia and Bali with my friends and family. I enjoy exploring different cultures and learning new and exciting information about how people live in a different country.


From a young age, I have always enjoyed music, in particular singing. I would sing every single day as a child, and I still do now! I also enjoy promoting singing a wide range of songs within my classroom teaching too.


When I was at school, my favourite subject was English, which I went on to study at University. However, my favourite subject to teach is Maths and Art as I love the creativity within the subjects. I admire the fact that you can use range of resources to solve a mathematical problem and that you can use a range of materials to design a unique piece.​