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Kate Longston

I started teaching through the Teach First Leadership and Development Programme and then moved to London, where I joined the Reception team at Minet. The Reception team were incredibly welcoming, as was the rest of the school community and I have really loved teaching at this school since joining. The school provides a positive and supportive environment for both staff and pupils and I enjoy being part of this.


When I am not teaching I play lacrosse, a sport I started when I was at school, and I have recently started some long distance running. I have now run several half marathons and hope to complete a full marathon in the near future! I also enjoy photography and if you visit my classroom you will see lots of pictures that we have taken displayed. I also sometimes visit my family and my two dogs – Archie and Maddie. Maddie also comes to visit us at Minet as part of her training to be a PAT dog so I get to see her a bit more often!


My favourite thing about teaching in Minet is how imaginative and creative the children are. I love listening to their ideas, stories and thoughts and helping them build the foundations to share these with everyone.